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1.  Each coach will be paid $100, with a minimum of nine players. Each team will be charged for a minimum of 8 players. (Adrian College Only)

2.  Each team can have their reversible jerseys washed each night. (Adrian College Only)

3.  Each coach will receive a gift: School attaché bag or jacket. (Adrian College Only)

4.  There will be a coaches package (100+ years of coaching experience) from Coach McDevitt, Swoverland, and Sandifer's helpful hints on how they survived coaching over the years.

5.  Reversible practice jersey for each player, in your school color, if deposit is mailed by 5/15/16.

6.  All games on courts with glass backboards on indoor courts.

7.  Coaches Shootout for a trip to Las Vegas (or $500). Three coaches won this in 2015. TV Shootout for every player. Three players won a television in 2013.

8.  Snack bar available every day.

9.  Overtime tournament, 3-point shooting, and other contests.

10. Certified trainer will be available before, during, and after all games.

11. All you can eat meals at the college cafeteria. Lunch and dinner on the first day, three meals on the second day, and breakfast on the last day. (Adrian College Only)

12. Guaranteed 10 games. Each game is a regulation 32–minute, 4–quarter game, 1+1 free throws, personal and team fouls and all other parts you expect in a regulation high school game. After all, isn’t the summer the time for getting prepared for next season’s games?