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Adrian Team Camp has helped us reach the playing level that we have been able to achieve the last three years (75-4) including our run to a State Championship, as well as three straight trips to the final four. The directors really know how to treat high school coaches. In my opinion this is the best team camp in Michigan.

Dave Duncan, Cedarville



Great camp. Love the overtime tournament and game like situations. The officials did a good job and are easy to talk to and get along with. Food was very good and plenty to eat. Camp was very structured and on time. The golf option was appreciated. I would recommend this camp to anyone.

Tyler Thompson, Clio



Loved the game format of the 10 games including the playoffs. Kids and I really enjoyed all the contests. Well run camp -- Great Job! The option of motels is an excellent touch. Washing the players' jerseys was a great benefit!

Jose Andrases, Seaholm


A chance for our teams to bond as well as stay within 100 miles of home. The camp directors are fantastic. Our players improved each and every game. Thank you for a great experience. We will be back next summer.

C.J. Kim, Cary (Ohio)


The reason I chose this camp was the game format. Stop clock makes it just the season. Meals were great. Thanks for taking care of the coaches - you are very generous. Thank you for a great camp experience.

Rick Morrow, Trenton

Adrian Team Camp offers a comprehensive team camp. I have been all around over my coaching career and this is truly the only camp that has mastered the team camp experience. Great scheduling, great facilities, great food, and great accommodations. There is nothing more that a high school team could possibly need.

Mike Rozanski, Allen Park Cabrini

Great format. (10 games with regular high school games). This is why we came to this camp. Loved it and think it is the best way to prepare for the season. Good contests that the players really liked. Nice camp. We will be back.

Jeff Nichols, Bowling Green (Ohio)

Gives us a chance to play solid competition and we like the regular game rules. (4 quarters, 8 minutes, like a regular game). Enjoyed the speakers and player demonstration was very good. (intensity, communication). Washing the players jerseys.

Randy Yoder, Westview (Indiana)

The whole format is great - the friendliness of the workers, the officials, the scorers, the short walk between the dorms and the fieldhouse. Good competition, well run and caring staff. It gives our program a good idea where we stand for the season.

Larry Moore, Quincy


If you truly want the best team camp experience for your players - look no further.

Greg Moore, Bucyrus (Ohio)


The contests are great and the flexibility on the 3rd day was just right. We had another great time this year. Great Camp! The laundry services was also very helpful.

Jimmy Roehm, Lake Shore